If you are currently standing in a field staring at your smartphone and a wooden post you are probably wondering what this is. More likely given phone coverage you saw it earlier and are now looking it up.

It's one of five (at the moment) posts around the UK marking little bits of woodland we sponsored through the Woodland Trust. Rather than bearing names we though it would be more fun to just let people find them, and maybe even go looking for them all.

There are five posts: two in Wales, one in Scotland, one or two in England (depending how you count Cornwall). All are in Woodland trust woods, one near Copperopolis, one in the same area as a famous and very large model railway exhibit, one in an area whose castle once held a Welsh parliament, one in the same general area as the Great North Steam Fair is often held, and one is near Kemps Grave.

I've no idea if anyone will ever bother to find them all but you've got an excuse to go exploring lots more woodland if you needed it.

Alan posts@ukuu.org.uk